Project Heavy Lifting / Exhibitions

We pack your items or material ready to export on container taking into aspect the following concern:

  • Size & Weight Distribution
  • Vulnerability to Scratches and Corrosions
  • The effect characteristics of Density, Vibration and Shock
  • Fragility, handling consideration
  • Type of material to be used for packing (Internal & External)

Our packing services include

Heavy or Oversize

If you have extremely large, heavy or uniquely shaped equipment our capability are uniquely suited to provide shipping solutions for your oversized loads.


Container Loading

For container loading applications, we are adept at optimum loading to maximize capacity without sacrificing securing the load to safeguard goods from damaged due to shifting.


Pick & Pack and removal

Our specialists provide valuable advice and customized solutions to cater to your move. We provide a stress-free, no-hassle move, locally or internationally with specialized services that cover all areas of your move. We offers complete freight forwarding services by air, sea and land with value-added logistics services including warehousing, distribution, customs clearance, insurance, special packaging and handling.



World Commerce Freights System has networks around the world, complemented by our highly skilled and experienced team, to help international brands with their cross border events and exhibitions at international venues. Our team helps move large goods and have them transported to the destination on schedule by dealing with the customs clearance, goods loading and unloading, forklifts, cranes, manpower, packing, storage, on-site office facilities, and etc. We’ve helped international racing events to transport their expensive vehicles to the destination safely as well as project management of the whole event to ensure that their exhibitions are successful.